A video by Dasha Delone, Dima Goryachkin and Lucas Gervilla.

Familia is a video about circles.
With the invention of the wheel, not only technologies have changed, but also philosophy. The discovery of the rotation of the planets has brought us to an understanding of the rotation of life itself.
Life, which seemed straightforward in the first approximation, has suddenly turned into a Circle or a spiral.
Human history is moving in a spiral, the history repeats itself round and round again, with some minor changes.
Consciousness, a philosophical thought, the history of arts – they’re all moving in a spiral. We often forget about previous generations’ experience, repeating mistakes or inventions round and round again.

Familia was part of the Art Riga Fair 2017.

Moscow/São Paulo 2017


Familia won the third prize at MUDA – Mostra Universitária da UFSJ, in Minas Gerais – Brazil.

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